What's New: Addventure 2.0

Version 2.0.6

Bug fixes
Documentation Changes

Version 2.0.5

Bug fixes
Documentation chages

Version 2.0.4

Bug fixes
Completely invisible stuff to port the code to a new platform.

Version 2.0.3

(Version 2.0.3 was never released.)

Version 2.0.3 was released to update the documentation for our new location... but since we were updating things anyway...

Documentation Changes
Bug fixes

Version 2.0.2

Bug fixes
Documentation changes

Version 2.0.1

Bug fixes
Several latent problems fixed:
Documentation changes

Verion 2.0.0

Version 2.0 is a complete re-write of Addventure from version 1.2, incorporating several new features.

The biggest new feature has been the addition of support for linking to previously created episodes. If a episode author "enables linking" for a episode, you can point the choices either at one of these created episodes or at a episode to be created.
Reduce dead-ends
There are several changes to try and reduce the number of empty episodes and dead-ends:
Email to authors
If you would like to find out when someone extends your episode, you can have Addventure send you mail when one of these new episodes are created. (Your email address isn't put on the web page itself, just a seperate signature if you want it.)
Multiple games
For servers that wish to support more than one game, one set of binaries can now support various games. Each game can also have a title, if you wish.
Improved statistics
While it was possible to generate some statistics on episode creation with version 1.x, the game now keeps track of this data directly. While most of it is not yet used, the "about" program displays some of this information. Statistics on game access is still done by standard web statistics programs.
Under construction
You can no longer stumble into episodes as they are being created by someone else. If you're working on a episode, you're guaranteed to have it all to yourself.
New terminology
The term "room" is no longer used in all cases, since it was not (necessarily) a physical room that was being described. Each game can use their own term (this game uses episode, with "room" used as the default.
New look
There have been several changes in the look itself, to try and make the game better looking and more functional on a wider range of clients.