Missing from Addventure 2.1

Several requested features are missing from version 2.1. You may see some of these in future releases - if you have any thoughts on them, please send comments or other good ideas to
Guides to help you through the game
Guides are a concept we're looking at to provide a number of interesting features such as
Author/editor board
There is some interest in restricting access - we will probably go with one or more of the following forms
Technical improvements
After you have created a episode, how are you sure that it looks correct and doesn't have any typos? This gives the ability to edit a episode after you have created it, but before you open it to the public.
More access to lower-down episodes
There have been complaints that episodes that are created farther down in the game aren't viewed, and we are looking at a couple of ways to solve this. Some of these may be implemented with guides.
New forms of linking
We're looking at a couple of different things that you will be able to use to make more powerful options
More control for authors
Authors seem to like to create a whole bunch of episodes at once, so it might be a good idea to reserve a "block" of episodes for a person to edit?

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