Cafe au Lys

CaL has been officially deprecated after several years of just plain neglect.

For those interested in a great client that has many features that CaL has or planned, check out jlily

To use CaL you require an account on lily. Check here for info how to get an account and more about lily.

Start CaL
You may also wish to look at Tisane, a much smaller lily client in Java.
Source code
Some versions available, usually the last release before the current "minor" number.
The latest release will be upgraded to "stable" status after about a week of use with no showstopper bugs. It does not mean a stable release is bug-free, just that I don't guarantee that the latest one is. Changes in status will be announced to the cal-announce mailing list.

Mailing lists

Reporting Bugs
To report a bug, contact us Please include as much info as you can, including output in the status window, output on the prompt or in the Java log, and the version of CaL, your browser, and your operating system.