Other Projects Coming From Addventure?

We are exploring other ideas, and hope to have them available soon. We welcome your feedback on any of these ideas.
Poetry in Motion
What if people can create their own poems, and then see how it "relates" to other poems that people have written? What if these poems change on their own in some ways?
I have yet to meet a networked game I realy like (tho xbattle comes quite close!), so I'm going to hold myself to the standards I hold everyone else to and write one.
Interactive chatting
I never liked IRC, and various MUDs and MOOs never seemed the right method for interactive communication. lily and it's ancestors have always been closer to my ideal - but not quite. I am currently deeply involved in the Flow project, which hopes to address some of the issues that lily has, yet keep its fundamental benefits.
Now... if we could just find time for all of these...